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Flight to Bologna: Flights from the UK to Italy

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Airlines flying to Bologna from which airports in the UK?

As befits the city's status as one of Europe's leading centres of learning, Bologna benefits from excellent air links with the UK, with cheap flights available from several departure points.

From London, travellers have the option of flying out of Gatwick Airport or out of Stansted Airport.

Meanwhile, flights from the UK to Bologna also depart from Birmingham, while those business or leisure travellers north of the border are able to catch direct international flights from Edinburgh Airport.

Airlines flying from the UK to Bologna

At present, just two airlines offer direct links between the UK and Bologna, with many travellers opting instead to take advantage of cheaper airline tickets on more competitive routes such as from the UK to Rome or from the UK to nearby Florence.

British Airways offers a direct link between London and the Italian city, as does low-cost airline Ryanair.

The budget carrier also allows passengers to fly directly from Birmingham and Edinburgh to Bologna.

Where is Bologna in Italy?

The capital of the province of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna is located almost in the heart of the country.

Its location in the Po Valley means the city is surrounded by some of the country's most spectacular scenery, while also being well-linked to the rest of Italy by excellent rail and road networks.

Any stopovers?

Flights between the UK and Bologna take a little over two hours, meaning that no stopovers are necessary or indeed offered by airlines.

However, many travellers opt to fly into Bologna and then out of another city offering cheap flight links with the UK - Venice or Rome for instance - so as to enjoy their own 'Grand Tour' of Italy.

Things to see and do in Bologna

Though largely overshadowed by nearby Florence and Rome, Bologna boasts one of the best-preserved medieval city centres in the whole of Europe, with its stunning piazzas and winding streets home to numerous historical gems.

Simply wandering through the old town, ducking into a random church or dining at a random restaurant al fresco is seen by many visitors as the best way to experience Bologna.

However, those keen to stick to the list of 'must-see' sites in the city should consider visiting the Basilica di Santo Stefano, the Basilica di Santa Maria di Servi, the Two Towers and the Medieval fortifications encircling the old town, which is arguably best viewed from the bell towers of the city's many churches.

In terms of living history, the city's five kilometres of arcades boast numerous boutiques and fine restaurants, all of which are within easy reach from most Bologna hotels, while those looking for something a little more lively should head to the university quarter during term-time.


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