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Flights to Bangkok: Flights from the UK to Thailand

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Flights to Bangkok from which airports in the UK?

Though Thailand remains one of the most popular destinations among Britons year-round, travellers looking to head to Bangkok need to head to London first in order to catch a direct flight.

Of the capital's airports, only London Heathrow currently offers services to Bangkok, though those looking for cheaper fares may want to look into catching a budget flight into a city such as Frankfurt or Amsterdam and catching a long-haul connection from there.

Airlines which fly to Bangkok Airport

Though only Heathrow offers flights to Bangkok, the Thai capital is nevertheless served by four airlines flying out of the UK, meaning competition is often strong and the chances of finding a cheaper rate through shopping around are good.

British Airways and Thai Airways International both fly the route, as do Qantas and EVA Air, with the latter often the most affordable of the four.

Where is Bangkok in Thailand?

Located at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River, the city of Bangkok is more-or-less the geographical centre of Thailand, sitting above the narrow and thin isthmus famed for its exotic beaches and the rest of the country.

Where would you have to fly over?

Flights from the UK to Bangkok take around 12 hours, with airlines flying over Europe and across most of Asia before touching down in Thailand.

Is it necessary to stop over?

All flights from the UK head directly to Bangkok, with no stopover necessary.

However, the airport itself is a popular stopover point for those travelling onto Australia or New Zealand or for those on round-the-world trips, with plenty of upmarket hotels around the airport, as well as in the bustling city centre.

A couple of areas of interest in and around Bangkok Airport

The Thai capital is a perfect mixture of old and new, with traditional markets sitting alongside soaring skyscrapers. Among the top attractions are the historical Grand Palace, as well as the temples of Wat Pho and Wat Arun, which are complemented by Wat Saket, just outside of the city limits.

The National Gallery Museum boasts hundreds of works by contemporary artists, including the King of Thailand, though most visitors are keen to explore other sites, including Bangkok's bustling nightlife district or else head down to the beaches around Phucket.


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