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Flights to Buenos Aires from which airports in the UK?

Despite attracting millions of overseas visitors every year, the Argentine capital and home of Tango and some of the world's finest cuisine can be reached by just one direct international flight from the UK.

Each day, services depart from London's Heathrow Airport for Buenos Aires, with a flight time of around 14 hours.

Airlines which fly to Buenos Aires

Just British Airways links the UK and Argentina directly, with airline ticket prices varying according to seasonal demand and differing markedly between economy and business class seats.

Where is Buenos Aires in Argentina?

Argentina's dynamic capital is located on the Atlantic shores of the country, just below the Rio de la Plata, which forms part of the border with Uruguay. Though the South American country is famed for its vast farmlands and bio-diverse jungles, Buenos Aires boasts stunning architecture more reminiscent of Paris or Barcelona than Latin America and its three million inhabitants certainly enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Where would you have to fly over?

Flights between the UK and Argentina go over the South Atlantic ocean and therefore views from the plane are relatively limited. flights going out to Buenos Aires benefit from the 'fair winds' that brought the first European travellers ashore and gave the city its name.

Any stopovers?

International flights from the UK go direct to Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport, without any need for a stop over.

However, those travellers looking to get to the Argentine capital a little cheaper may want to look into flying first to Madrid, from where both Iberia and Aerolineas Argentinas operate regular services to Buenos Aires.

A couple of areas of interest in and around Buenos Aires

Easily explored by foot or by public transport, downtown Buenos Aires offers numerous sites and landmarks for visitors. Most resembling those grand boulevards of Europe, the Avenida de Mayo and Corrientes Avenue are the city's most famous thoroughfares, boasting numerous designer boutiques and chic hotels. From here it is just a short hop to the Metropolitan Cathedral or the Obelisk that dominates the city centre's skyline.

Other top attractions include the Plaza de Mayo, often refereed to as the beating heart of Buenos Aires and the historical neighbourhoods of San Telmo and Palermo, with the latter being home to the Palermo Gardens for those needing a break from the hustle and the bustle.

The dynamism of the metropolis carries on 24-hours a day and no visit would be complete without checking out one of the many tango clubs, or heading to see a game in the most football-mad city in the most football-mad continent on the planet.


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