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Flights to Cairo: Flights from UK to Egypt

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Flights to Cairo from which airports in the UK?

Egypt's bustling capital has long been popular with British holidaymakers, with thousands jetting off to Cairo each year, whether to explore the historic city or to use it as a base to explore the ancient monuments of the Valley of the Kings or the country's sun-kissed beaches.

However, despite this, all flights from the UK fly out of London Heathrow airport, meaning travellers have to negotiate the hustle and bustle of the UK's main air hub before they can jet off to the sun.

Airlines which fly to Egypt from the UK

Luckily for Brits looking to get a cheap long-distance airline tickets, four airlines offer services between London and Cairo, helping to keep the route competitive and fares down.

Both national carriers, British Airways and EgyptAir offer daily flights between the two capitals.

These are supplemented by services operated by bmi and Yemenia, the national carrier of neighbouring Yemen.

Where is Cairo in Egypt?

Africa's most populous city, Cairo is located close to the mouth of the mighty River Nile, in the north of Egypt.

The coasts of both the Mediterranean and Red Seas are close by, a fact that has helped the city flourish over the centuries and be part of the Ancient Egyptian, Ottaman, French and British empires at some point in its history.

Where would you have to fly over?

Flights between London and Cairo take around seven hours. During this time, planes cross over Western Europe and then the Mediterranean Sea before entering into Egypt.

Any stopovers?

All flights from Heathrow to Cairo are direct and no stopovers are required.

A couple of areas of interest in and around Cairo

Though a bustling and modern metropolis, Cairo is still one of the most historically fascinating cities on the planet. Among the top sites that have enthralled visitors over the years are the Hanging Church and the Cairo Tower, both located within the labyrinthine Old City.

Just out of town, the Pyramids and the Sphinx are rightly seen as one of the wonders of the world, highlighting the achievements of the ancient world, though those looking for a beach break rather than a history lesson can head to the excellent resorts and chic hotels on both the Mediterranean and Red Sea.


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