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Flights to Las Vegas: Flights from UK to USA

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Flights to Las Vegas from which airports in the UK?

The quintessential American party city, Las Vegas is one of the must-sees of the United States and, as such, serves to attract millions of tourists a year.

Though much of the air traffic heading into Tambo International is domestic in origin, regular international services do fly between the UK and the original Sin City.

Brits looking to live the high life can take off from either Manchester or London, though many get to Vegas by catching a flight to Los Angeles and then driving a hire car across the Nevada desert via the iconic Grand Canyon.

Airlines flying from the UK to Las Vegas

Presently, just two airlines fly directly from the UK to Las Vegas.

BMI regularly departs out of Manchester Airport, while Virgin Atlantic flies from London's Gatwick Airport, with this relative lack of competition meaning that bargain airline tickets for the route are harder to come across than usual.

However, it can often be cheaper to get to the States on more competitive, and therefore cheaper, routes, such as London to LA or New York and then taking one of the many low-cost domestic airlines on to Vegas.

Where is Las Vegas in the United States?

Las Vegas is famously relatively isolated in the middle of the vast Nevada deserts, having been established at the start of the 20th century as a stopping-off point for wagon trains due to its water and lush meadows (or vegas in Spanish).

That said, the city is well connected to the metropolises and beaches of California, while the Grand canyon, one of the natural wonders of the world, is just a few hours' drive away.

Any stopovers?

Flights between the UK and Las Vegas take around ten-and-a-half hours, with aircraft heading straight across the Atlantic and then over the States.

While no stopovers are given on direct services, it is possible for passengers to opt to fly to New York and on from there, though many choose instead to hire a car in the Big Apple and complete one of the worlds most celebrated road trips.

Things to see and do in Las Vegas

Once a small stop-off town in the middle of nowhere, Las Vegas came to the world's attention when it embraced the culture of gambling and entertainment, and it hasn't looked back since.

Almost all visitors to Sin City spend their time on, or just off, the famous Strip, home to multi-billion dollar casinos or luxury mega-hotels offering them the chance to change their lives forever, while most of the big names also host concerts by global stars, with Elvis and Frank Sinatra having made it big there.

The gambling culture is hard to escape, with the airport arrivals lounge even housing dozens of slot machines, though it is possible to take a day trip out to the desert by hire car, or else suspend belief and take a gondola down the canals of a mock-up Venice.


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