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Flights to Los Angeles: Flights from UK to USA

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Flights to Los Angeles from which airports in the UK?

A route flown by the rich and famous, as well as British holidaymakers after some year-round sun, Los Angeles can only be reached directly from the UK by flying out of London.

Indeed, currently all flights out of the UK to California's biggest city depart from London Heathrow airport, though it is possible to fly from regional airports across the country and catch connecting flights into LAX.

Airlines flying to Los Angeles from the UK

While Los Angeles can be reached directly from just one UK airport, a number of airlines currently offer the route, thereby keeping competition healthy and ensuring cheap tickets are possible to obtain, especially for those travellers able to book online.

Alongside British Airways, carriers flying from London to LA include American Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand.

Air France used to fly between the two cities, but has now cut cancelled its services and only offers flights from Paris.

Where is Los Angeles in the United States?

The second most-populated city in the whole of the United States, Los Angeles is situated in the state of California, just miles from the Mexican border.

As such, it is one of the country's most diverse metropolitan areas, with 224 different languages spoken between its 13 million residents.

Californian neighbour San Francisco can be reached by hire car to the north, as can Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon to the east.

Any stopovers?

With a flight time of just over 11 hours, services connecting London and Los Angeles do not require a stop-over.

However, those wishing to break up their journey are able to arrange to have a break in New York or Chicago, with both cities offering excellent hotels close to their respective airports, alongside their world-famous tourist attractions.

Things to see and do in Los Angeles

For most holidaymakers, Los Angeles is first and foremost the city of the rich and famous and where dreams come true.

Tours of the mansions and film sets of the Hollywood hills and simply soaking up the glamour of Beverly Hills are among the highlights of a city break in LA, though those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown are well-placed to escape to one of California's best beaches, such as the iconic Venice Beach.

Easy day trips from the City of Angels include wine-tasting tours of the California valleys and even a short-break across the Mexican border for those seeking something a little more adventurous than luxury hotels and designer boutiques.


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