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Flights to Riga: Flights from UK to Latvia

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Flights to Riga from which airports in the UK?

As British holidaymakers seek out the 'new Prague', Latvia's historic yet cosmopolitan capital has benefited from a significant rise in low-cost air traffic.

While the city could only be reached directly from London up until a few years ago, direct services now leave from all parts of the UK throughout the year.

As such, regular direct flights leave from London's Gatwick and Stansted airports, as well as from Bristol and East Midlands.

Additionally, cheap flights to Riga are also available from Glasgow Prestwick.

Airlines flying to Riga from the UK

Latvia's national airline, Airbaltic, operates the greatest number of services out of Riga Airport, including direct flights to London Gatwick.

This route is supplemented by regular cheap flights operated by Ryanair, giving passengers the opportunity to benefit from affordable air tickets from across the UK.

Where is Riga in Latvia?

Latvia's historic capital is located in the very heart of the country and, significantly, close to the Baltic Sea – a position which has enabled it to benefit from centuries of trade.

The city sits on the Daugava and Riga Rivers, with the waterfront areas having now been transformed into bustling entertainment and leisure districts.

Any stop overs?

Just a couple of hours by plane from the UK, all flights to Riga are direct.

However, many passengers decide to fly into Latvia and then out of another of the Baltic states, taking in the nearby cities of Tallinn and Vilnius along the way.

Things to see and do in Latvia

Riga's historic centre was long ago declared a World Heritage site and even the briefest of visits shows why.

Dating back to the 13th century, the Lutheran cathedral is the largest in all of the Baltic states and sits alongside neighbouring Saint Peter's Church and Riga Castle as architectural and historical gems that are 'must-dos' for tourists.

Other highlights include the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, which gives visitors a taste of daily life in Latvia centuries ago, while the streets around the centre also boast some of Europe's best Art Nouveau architecture.

However, perhaps the number one activity in Riga is simply getting lost among the winding and cobbled lanes, with most hotels easily located in the compact centre and therefore close to the chic and cosy bars and restaurants.


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