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Flights to Rio: Flights from the UK to Brazil

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Flights to Rio from which airports in the UK?

Long established as a sunshine break destination for the wealthy jet set, Rio de Janeiro is easily reached by air from the UK.

At present, however, all flights across the Atlantic to the famous Brazilian city depart from London Heathrow, thereby somewhat limiting competition on the route and ensuring the airline ticket prices remain high, particularly over peak periods such as the time of the annual carnival.

Airlines flying from the UK to Rio?

Currently, both the Brazilian and British national carriers offer regular long-haul links between London and Rio de Janeiro.

British Airways flies daily between the two cities, as does TAM Airlines, though again this relatively limited choice ensures that airline ticket prices, and even e-tickets purchased over the internet, are often more expensive than on other transatlantic routes.

Where is Rio in Brazil?

The second-largest city in the whole of Brazil, the city of Rio de Janeiro is located on the Atlantic coast, towards the south of the country.

Indeed, its coastal location is one of the principal factors behind its global fame, with beaches such as Ipanema and Copacabana having caught the attention of music lovers and sun-seekers for decades, while the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer on the top of Corcovado mountain looking down on the hotels and neighbourhoods below has recently been named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Any stopovers?

Flights between the UK and Rio are non-stop, though the 12-hour flight time is something of an ordeal for some long-haul holidaymakers.

However, it is not uncommon for travellers to either opt to fly into the United States or Portugal first in search of a cheaper airline ticket, or take advantage of existing alliances between various global airlines and buy an open-jaw ticket to fly into Rio and out of another major Latin American city.

Things to see and do in Rio

Aside from sunning oneself on the world-famous beaches, Rio offers the more adventurous traveller the opportunity to experience some of the richest culture and most fascinating history in all of Latin America.

Wandering around the backstreets of downtown Rio, taking in the awe-inspiring view from the base of Christ the Redeemer or going on a church and cathedral crawl are all excellent ways of gaining an appreciation of what makes the city tick.

However, the real Rio really comes out at night, when the various neighbourhoods come alive with the sounds of the bossa nova or samba, with this feel-good factor magnified a million times at carnival time, which happens every year 40 days before the start of Easter and which prompts a surge in demand for hotel rooms.


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