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Flights to Tokyo: Flights from UK to Japan

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Flights to Japan from which airports in the UK?

Though several flights a day depart from the UK for the Japanese capital, passenger choice in terms of point of departure is limited.

At present, all services between the UK and Tokyo leave from Heathrow Airport, meaning passengers from the rest of the country have to first head to London before jetting off to the Far East.

However, flights to Tokyo are also available from most European capitals.

Given the wealth of cheap flights from within the Continent, passengers could find themselves cheaper tickets out of cities such as Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Munich or Vienna, for example.

Airlines flying from the UK to Tokyo

Fortunately, strong competition on the Heathrow to Tokyo route helps to compensate for the lack of flights from outside of London, with affordable airline tickets obtainable if booked well in advance.

Both British Airways and Japan Airlines currently operate daily services between the two capitals.
Joining them are Virgin Atlantic and Japan's All Nippon Airlines.

Where is Tokyo in Japan?

Japan's capital city is located on the east side of Honshu, the largest of the country's main islands.

With a population of around 25 million people, it is the most populous metropolitan area on the planet, while it also serves as home to the Japanese government as well as the Imperial Family.

Any stopovers?

Flights from the UK to Tokyo are all currently direct, taking around ten hours in duration.

However, the city also serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the rest of Japan, either by the country's famous Bullet trains, or else by regular cheap internal flights from Haneda Airport.

Things to see and do in Tokyo

Despite its massive size, Tokyo is simple to navigate, with most of the highlights within easy
reach of a majority of popular hotels.

On a first visit to the Japanese capital, most tourists make a point of seeing the Imperial Palace in Chiyoda, as well as the Mejii Shrine in Harajuku, both of which give a fascinating taste of the country's rich history.

Aside from monuments and history, most travel guides encourage visitors to throw themselves into the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, for example by walking through the shopping streets around Shibuya and Shinjuku or dining alongside locals in the Tsukiji Fish Market.

Other highlights include the city's numerous public baths, as well as the tranquil Inokashira Park.


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