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Flights to Washingto DC; Flights from the UK to the USA

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Flights to Washington DC from which airports in the UK?

Flights to the American capital from the UK are both regular and, thanks o competition on the route helping to keep airline ticket prices down, relatively affordable all year-round.

However, unlike those heading to New York City, travellers wanting to fly to Washington Dulles International Airport are not blessed with a wealth of departure points and will first have to travel into London.

At present, the only services between the UK and Washington leave from London Heathrow Airport.

Airlines flying from the UK to Washington DC

Currently, three airlines offer direct international flights between the UK and Washington DC.

These include long-standing transatlantic rivals British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, while United Airlines also offers direct flights between the two destinations with the only
US-based carrier to do so.

However, flights between Washington DC and mainland Europe are also just as regular and affordable.

For example, Aer Lingus and Air France offer direct air links between the US capital and Dublin and Paris respectively, while Iberia flies out of Madrid and KLM departs from Amsterdam.

Where is Washington DC in the United States?

Located on the east coast of the United States, the capital is the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the whole country.

The city sits on the banks of the Potomac River and is bordered by the states of Virginia and Maryland.

Any stop-overs?

With flight times from the UK to Washington DC lasting around seven hours, no airlines currently offer any stopover options.

However, many passengers, especially tourists, may opt to fly into Washington and out of another city, particularly New York, in order to see a bit more of the country.

Things to see and do in Washington DC

While not perceived to be as exciting as nearby New York, Washington DC continues to draw in tourists by the million, thanks to its wealth of museums and sites of interest.

The biggest attraction for many is the chance to see the seat of the American government, with the White House and the Capitol both must-see stops on the typical tourist itinerary.

Meanwhile, the National Mall, located in the heart of the city and within easy reach of most Washington hotels, boasts the Lincoln Memorial and a number of war memorials, while the Smithsonian Institute is home to the National Museum of Natural History as well as the National Museum of the American Indian, among other attractions.

Though most city workers leave town at the end of their shifts and even head to the country for the weekends, Washington still boasts a lively nightlife, with visitors spoilt for choice when it comes to world-class restaurants and chic bars and hotels.


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