Choosing the Right Hotel

Finding the perfect hotel is no easy task. There are a huge number of factors that need to be considered depending on the nature of your stay, from the convenience of the location, to the quality of the facilities and, of course, the price.

Whilst on a business trip you may just need somewhere where you can get a good night's sleep and some breakfast in the morning, if you're taking your family away for a relaxing break, you're more likely to want a fuller range of amenities, such as swimming pools and children's play areas. For every eventuality there's a hotel out there that fits the bill. The only question is; which one?

Using UK Net Guide's Hotel Search Tool

Whether you are in need of a cosy bed and breakfast by the seaside, a homely country inn, or a stylish boutique hotel in the heart of the city, UK Net Guide's hotel search tool is designed to take some of the hassle out of tracking down your ideal place to stay. Using it couldn't be easier;

  • Location: First enter the name of the area where you're looking to stay into the 'location' box. When entering this data you can be as specific or as general as it suits you to be. For example, if you are doing some preliminary research and haven't yet got any particular plans, you can cast the net wide by just writing the name of the country or region. By the same token, if you have a set idea of where you want to be, you can be much narrower by entering the precise locality or even the post code of the area in question.
  • Check In/Out Date: Next, enter in the dates that mark the beginning and end of your stay in the boxes labelled 'check-in date' and 'check-out date'. You can enter this information using the DD/MM/YYYY format, or, if you prefer, you can click on the calendar icons next to the boxes. This will produce an enlarged calendar and you can mark the appropriate date there, which is very useful if you know what day you want to arrive/leave but don't know the date off the top of your head.
  • Rooms: Use this box to let us know the number of rooms you need.
  • Adults/ Children: By indicating how many adults and how many children are going to form your party you can help us produce more relevant results.

Once you've given us all of this information all there remains to do is hit the 'Search' button. This will generate a page of results based on your preferences. Look through these suggestions and click through to the ones that take your fancy to make your booking. After that, simply sit back, relax and look forward to your trip.

Before You Make a Reservation

It's always wise to make a few checks before confirming your booking. For example, you should ensure that you know just when you need to be checked in and out by so that you can plan accordingly and avoid any inconveniencies, such as additional costs or the loss of your reservation.

It's also prudent to enquire about the hotel's cancellation policy at the time of your booking. This way you'll know where you stand should a situation arise that prevents you from being able to take your room for any reason.

Bear in mind that the price you're expected to pay for a room will depend, to a large extent, on when you've actually made the booking. Always make sure that, if you're paying on arrival, that the price charged is the one you were quoted upon booking.

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