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Some people get a thrill out of go-karting, as it creates the feeling that they too could be a racing driver like the Formula 1 stars seen on television, taking sharp corners at daring speeds.

But for others, the real thrill comes from handling something a little larger - like a JCB, for instance.
And that is exactly what Diggerland in Yorkshire offers visitors the chance to do.

The attraction caters for both adults and children and gives all visitors the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the construction industry's biggest and baddest machines, from dumper trucks to mini diggers.

Like any theme park, Diggerland gives its guests photos of themselves during their scariest moment, while there is also an educational side, as the fully-trained instructors explain how the machinery works.

To spice the day out up a little bit, Diggerland hosts special events for different age groups. For the over-18s there are JCB races.

Billed as an experience "not to be missed", the races see competitors get behind the wheel of an 8.5 ton excavator and, after a tuition and safety lesson, compete with other guests in a variety of tasks, as they make their way through the assault course.

If this was not enough, there are also dumper racing events, which focus more on coordination and nerve than speed. Competitors take part in heats against not only other visitors but also the clock. Those who complete the tasks in the fastest times qualify for a grand final - the winner of which receives a certificate to officially announce their victory.

The Castleford attraction has catering onsite to ensure that visitors can enjoy a hearty meal after working up a sweat in one of the many construction industry metal machines.

However, if a relaxing family day out is what visitors are after then there is no pressure to make the experience competitive. Guests are welcome to take the machines at their own pace, enjoying the novelty value of being able to operate such heavy duty vehicles.

Examples of the machinery available to try at Diggerland include a dirt digger, giant digger and skittles, while there are also Land Rover Safaris, Diggerland Go Karts and Sky Shuttles.

And for those who really want to get that fairground feeling, there are also Diggerland Dodgems, which are coin operated and £1 per ride - but with so many other options, it is hard to see how this could ever be the main attraction.


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