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The Channel Islands are a brilliant place to explore in the UK, though you may want to spend more than one day out in Guernsey if you're to get the full experience of the community.

While Guernsey is geographically closer to France than the UK, it is still totally loyal to the British crown - a situation that dates back to the Norman conquests, when the Channel Islands became part of the English realm.

The island itself only forms a small part of the wider Bailiwick of Guernsey, which also accounts for the islands of Herm, Jethou, Burhou, Lihou, as well as two other jurisdictions: the islands of Alderney and Sark. These all share the same status at the Isle of Man, meaning there are still many cultural differences between the island and the mainland.

As a tax haven, many offshore banks and insurance companies have moved to the picturesque island, meaning the island is a rich and prosperous one. However, it is far from industrial or urban. Other leading industries that people will see on days out in Guernsey include flower growing, fishing and dairy farming, in effect creating a diverse economy.

It has also created a unique fiscal climate, however, which visitors on days out in Guernsey ought to be aware of. Alongside its own stamps, it also has its own currency. British pounds can be used on the island but Guernsey pounds cannot be used in the UK.

St Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey, is perhaps the place that most people will visit. It is most famous for nearby Castle Cornet, which stands on one of the breakwaters that makes St Peter Port a haven for people who want to relax by the sea without any disruptive crashing waves. It has served roles in both the Napoleonic and Second World Wars, making it great for history buffs.

And that's not all there is to enjoy. Because it is an island with a warmer climate than the mainland, people spend more time outside on the beaches, cliffs and other associated islands. Cafes and restaurants embrace the outdoors too, making it the perfect summer getaway.

Jason Moriarty, the marketing manager for VisitGuernsey, said that while Guernsey has everything for a busy and fun day out, it is still the kind of place you may want to stay for a little longer.

He said: "Ideally Guernsey is an island that should be explored at leisure to understand and appreciate it fully, however the atmosphere of the bustling harbour town is something that is experienced immediately.

"The shops and attractions of St Peter Port are only five minutes' walk from the harbour. Explore the cobbled streets and learn more about the fascinating history of the port."

If short of time, however, Mr Moriarty recommended a visit to Hauteville House, which acted as Victor Hugo's home for 15 years when he was exiled in Guernsey. Castle Cornet was also on his list, not least for its four museums, as was the Guernsey Tapestry, which documents 1,000 years of the island's history.

The Little Chapel - possibly the smallest chapel in the world, which is "beautifully decorated with seashells, pebbles and colourful pieces of broken china", is also nice to pop into on a day out in Guernsey, he added.


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