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Visit the haunted Llancaiach Fawr house

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From the, Llancaiach Fawr in Caerphilly, Wales, looks like a perfectly wholesome place for a family day out.

But, in reality, the 16th century manor house is hiding a dark secret that those visitors who are in tune with their ghoulish side might well stumble upon during their day out.

For the manor house has topped countless spooky league tables as one of the most haunted houses in Wales, thanks to its phantom housekeepers, a friendly ghost boy and a civil war colonel who just refuses to retire - even from beyond the grave.

As well as all this, Llancaiach Fawr is full of mysterious sounds and smells, which become all the more creepy during the winter season.

The Caerphilly tourist board says: "Strange things have been experienced in almost every room, along corridors and upon stairs.

"Things seen, heard or felt, or sometimes odours in the air of violets or lavender - and on some occasions, roast beef!"

Mattie the 19th century housekeeper is the most famous of the house's ghosts. It is believed that she died in the house and has not been able to leave since.

Similarly, there is a little boy who fell to his death from one of the upper room's windows and now sometimes mischievously tugs visitors' hair or slips his hand into theirs, as though looking for a family to take him home.

It is also believed Edward Prichard, master of Llancaiach Fawr during the Civil War period, lingers in the house - he has been spotted deep in contemplation, perhaps thinking about his devotion to the king.

In fact, so rife is the manor house with ghouls and ghosts that there is even a ghost webcam online where people can keep watch for paranormal activity.

Meanwhile, the South Wales Paranormal Research team regularly visits the house to investigate such phenomena and join in the ghost tours that the house holds.

The ghost season at the house officially begins on October 1st, from when visitors can enjoy tours of the building by candlelight as their guide recalls the haunted happenings.

During the half-term holiday there is normally a special programme of ghoulish events.

Getting to know the ghosts also gives visitors the ideal way to unlock the history of this manor house, which dates back to 1645, when the civil war between the king of England and parliament raged.


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