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Whitby is a surprising little town on the east coast of North Yorkshire that is sure to delight people looking for thrilling and interesting days out in the UK.

While its presence seems particularly unimposing, the folklore surrounding the quaint and quintessentially English civil parish is enough to bring visitors from all around the globe to the area, which lies just 47 miles east of York at the mouth of the River Esk.

The town is perhaps best known for its ties to Bram Stoker's Dracula. Whitby Abbey, which sits atop a hill on the south-east side of the river, may now be in ruins but is still seen as a spiritual home to the fictional vampire. Tours of the abbey for people on a day out in the area run regularly. In the book, Dracula arrives on the English coast on the Russian ship Dmitri in the form of a dog before transforming into his usual anthropomorphic self.

For this reason, among others, Whitby is home to a twice-yearly Gothic Weekend for those who embrace the classic darkness of the trend. As a friendly North Yorkshire town, Whitby embraces the group with open arms and has done ever since the gathering was launched in 1994. It is generally held in April and October or November.

Due to its embracing of the strange yet popular lifestyle, the weekends have since become one of the most popular gothic events in the world. Most of the events are held in Whitby's 1,000 capacity Spa Pavilion, though the likes of the Metropole Hotel are often used for any overspill and other unofficial events. 

People on days out in the area during this time are asked to book in advance for accommodation, though many people may want to stay at other beautiful nearby destinations such as the equally beautiful seaside village of Sandsend. While the gothic gathering is classified as a weekend, Whitby also hosts events during the Thursday, Friday and Monday to support anyone hoping to make a long weekend.

Business booms for Whitby during these periods but many pubs and bars are already well established in the area as great places to eat and drink. The Angel and The Elsinore are two pubs that have high standards, while the Magpie Inn is well known for its award-winning fish and chips, catching the main course hours before serving it to customers.

Visitors who love jewellery will also benefit from a day out in York, as the town is very famous for its jet - a black mineral which has been formed over millions of years in the cliffs of the area from fossilised wood. It shot to prominence after the death of Prince Albert as Queen Victoria, who remained in mourning for the rest of her life, favoured the black material for its beauty, without disturbing her self-imposed grievance period over her lost husband.

Whitby is always ready to please people, and while it may be small, there is a plethora of things to discover on a day out.


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