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Ever considered climbing into a transparent orb and hurling yourself down a hillside … for fun? Well, as crazy as it may sound, that is the premise of a craze called zorbing.

Zorbing South is one of the biggest pioneers of this recreational activity and offers those looking for a fun day out the chance to enjoy the thrill of harness and hydro zorbing in Dorset.

While classed as an extreme sport, Zorbing South reassures customers that it has a 100 per cent safety record, meaning that in the past ten years when in excess of 80,000 have enjoyed zorbing with the firm, nothing has ever gone wrong.

The company has a fully-landscaped zorbing run and those taking part enjoy a 200km distance between the launching pad to landing point, set in the heart of Dorset's Thomas Hardy country.

Each of the balls are three-metres high, meaning there is plenty of space for participants inside. However, those taking part must be a minimum of 4ft 5ins high and the maximum weight an orb can hold is 28 stone (180kg[)]. Participants must be aged six and over and those under 18 need to be accompanied by a parents or a guardian.

The first decision visitors need to make is whether they want to harness or hydo zorb. Harness zorbing is when two people are safely harnessed into the orb face to face and then go head over heels down the run.

Hydro zorbing can also be done in pairs, but there is also the option of going solo. The zorber dives inside the orb with the equivalent of two buckets of (warm) water. They sit at the bottom of the orb and as they are launched they slip and slide inside the ball as it rotates around them.

Each session is estimated to take around an hour and visitors can wear their everyday clothing, as long as their shoulders are covered. However, socks are a must.

Those hydro zorbing should bear in mind that they are likely to get very wet, so T-shirts and shorts are recommended – as well as a complete change of clothes.

Typically, a session solo hydro zorbing costs £30, while dual hydro zorbing is £45 and a triple experience costs £55. A dual harness experience costs £45.

For those wanting to make a day of their visit to Dorset, the centre is a short drive from Dorchester, while the site has a restaurant serving hearty meals.

Monkey World is also a five minute drive, while there is a paintballing facility ten minutes away and the Warmwell Ski Centre nearby.


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